Your Student Association Tile Will Appear on Flipstop for a World of Filipinos to See



Showcase your mission & upcoming public events on the Flipstop mobile app for Filipinos

Meet Flipstop, the first Filipino diaspora mobile app made to help connect more Filipinos with each other and with everything Filipino around them.  Like you, we champion Filipino culture and community.  We love and appreciate your student organization’s mission of promoting Filipino culture and camaraderie, and we’d like to invite you to create your group’s very own permanently free presence on the Flipstop app so more Filipinos young and old, locally and regionally can become aware of your mission, your accomplishments, your fundraisers and your upcoming public events.

Check out the video above to see how the app works.  If you use an iPhone or iPad, download the free Flipstop app now to see first-hand how cool and easy it is to use.  You can also add Friends on Flipstop for chatting and sharing Smart Tiles -- click HERE to see how easy it is to add Friends on the app.

The app will be available for Android in the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in having your Filipino student group and your public events appear on the app, create a free Smart Tile on Flipstop now on behalf of your student group.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Create your free account (if you are the admin for your student group)

  3. Once you're in the dashboard, click +Create a business tile (disregard that you're not a business)

  4. Select 'Services' in the dropdown options as your category

  5. Select 'Community Service / Non-profit' from the next dropdown options as your sub-category

  6. Enter the rest of the details of your organization as you'd like them to appear on the app

  7. Select BASIC SINGLE TILE when choosing a type of tile (it is very important you initially select BASIC SINGLE TILE -- we will upgrade you manually on our end to a free Smart Single Tile after you've successfully created your Basic Single Tile)

  8. >> Don't be intimidated by the credit card requirement to complete the process.  This is simply a security measure to prevent unauthorized or malicious persons from creating a fake account on behalf of your student group.  Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY AMOUNT whatsoever.

  9. Once you've clicked on 'Save business tile', you'll be ale to upload images representative of your student association and your student group's Tile will appear on the Flipstop app immediately :)

We’re excited to see Filipino student associations across the United States, yours included, connecting with more Filipinos in their local neighborhoods and with each other.  We look forward to seeing your student group on the app soon!

Should you have any questions, please email us.

In Filipino kinship,

Your Friends @FlipstopApp