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📱 Flipstop Dynamic Tiles Now Live!

Today, Flipstop released DYNAMIC TILES, a mesmerizing new way of showcasing a business's image tiles on the screen. It works by automatically cycling through multiple photos uploaded by a business to their Tile, complete with an elegant transition that brings the Tile to life. The result: a more impactful and engaging showcase of business images that invites more viewership.

If you're a Smart Tile owner on Flipstop, you may now upload and showcase up to SIX different images for your Tile: 3 for the main grid and 3 in Expanded View. Each image you upload will cycle through with animation on the main grid and you can swipe through each image at your own pace in Expanded View. They'll appear in the order you have them in the images upload area of your dashboard.

We can't wait to see what images you'll showcase next!

To experience DYNAMIC TILES on Flipstop, be sure to update your app to version 1.1 today.

Don't have the app yet? Download it free HERE.