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Your Smart Tile Analytics Dashboard

A big part of the value of having a $9/month Smart Tile on Flipstop is the amount of interaction you allow potential customers to have with your business listing on the app and the amount of information you'll gather as a result of those customer interactions. When you have a Smart Tile on Flipstop, you'll see an exact daily count of:

  1. how many people see your primary business Tile

  2. how many people open your Tile to learn more about your business

  3. how many people 'Like' your business

  4. how many people 'Follow' your business (*when users Follow you, you'll be able to send them promotional messages through the app)

  5. how many people put you in their Bucket List (this indicates their intent to visit your business or be in touch with your business)

  6. how many people 'Check-in' at your business (which is a measure of the popularity of your business)

  7. how many people 'Share' your business with their family or network of friends as a recommendation

  8. how many people clicked to see specifically where you're located

  9. how many people called you through the app

  10. how many people emailed you through the app

  11. how many people got directions to your business through the app

  12. and how many people visited your website through the app

Unlike traditional Filipino advertising or marketing media, which don't give you any idea of how many people see, interact with or share your business message, Flipstop shows you the actual numbers so you can see clearly the reach of your marketing efforts on our platform. Aside from this transparency and accountability, Flipstop's pricing of only $9 per month is a small fraction of the cost of most other types of Filipino marketing channels available.

Through your business dashboard on Flipstop, you always have easy access to meaningful data and information to justify the nominal marketing expense of having your business present on the app.

To access your business analytics dashboard, follow the simple steps below:

1). Log into your online account

2). Click on your business name (see illustration below)

3). You'll immediately see an exact daily tally grouped by type of interactions with your business on Flipstop

>> If you have a free forever Basic Single Tile, when you log into your business dashboard, you'll see how many times your Tile has been seen and how many times your Tile was tapped in an attempt to open it to learn more about your business (see image below). This is an exact count of missed opportunities for your prospects to become better acquainted with your business or service.

* the 'Follow' promotions feature will be announced when it is released