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Hello, I'm Mick, founder of the Flipstop app and a proud Fil-Am from NYC, now based in LA.

We created Flipstop to help you and our fellow Filipinos across the country connect more easily to literally everything Filipino around us wherever we may be. The app works by detecting Filipino-owned or Filipino-focused businesses, service providers, community groups, activities, personalities and upcoming events in the vicinity based on your current location and displaying them to you as interactive TILES arranged by nearest to farthest on a beautiful scrolling grid.

With Flipstop, you can easily discover interesting things nearby. You're able to browse and search locally, nationally and (soon!) internationally. You can even add friends with whom you can chat and share tiles all within the app (see how HERE).

[ if you haven’t yet, watch the 60-second video below ]

The main problem we wanted to solve with Flipstop is this: just as the Filipino diaspora is scattered around the world, so are the channels and media that Filipinos in the United States and elsewhere use to discover and connect with Filipino establishments and organizations. And many of the digital platforms currently used are not specifically made for our Filipino community. With Flipstop, we want to provide a singular, simple-to-use affinity platform that's always accessible on a device that Filipinos are never without: their phones. From the moment you launch the app on your screen, you're looking at nothing but establishments and entities meant for Filipinos.

There are already more than 2,000 Filipino businesses, non-profit community groups and notable personalities that can be found and contacted through Flipstop. Yours is probably already one of them. If so, you can easily take over your tile through the app. If your establishment is not yet on Flipstop, simply go to APP.MYFLIPSTOP.COM to upload your information and images for free. Your shiny new tile will immediately appear on the app for everyone to see.

Two thousand searchable establishments on Flipstop sounds like a lot, but it barely scratches the surface since in the U.S. alone, there are over 25,000 businesses registered as Filipino-owned. Sure, there's social media for limited types of searches, but can you imagine efficiently finding 25,000 Filipino businesses on Instagram or Facebook? Or even 2,000 for that matter? On Flipstop, you can.

Who else aside from the obvious should be found on Flipstop? There are many businesses out there with names that aren't immediately apparent as Filipino or Filipino-owned. I previously owned a haircut joint in the East Village NYC called Birds & Fellas, and by its name alone, you'd never know it was owned by a Filipino. My cousin in Houston operates three Red Mango frozen yogurt franchises, and Filipinos in the area would flock to those locations if only they knew they were owned by a fellow Pinoy . . . because it’s what we do as Filipinos: we support each other.

There's no shortage of enterprising Filipinos and Filipino talent across many industries. So, we created Flipstop to be the one stop where all of them can be found.

We hope you'll join the Filipino community using Flipstop and be part of the growing number of Filipino entrepreneurs whose products and services can be found on the app.

Maraming salamat po at mabuhay tayong mga Pilipino!