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How to Add Friends on Flipstop

Flipstop is more fun with friends 👫🙎🏻‍♀️🙎🏻‍♂️

When you add friends on Flipstop, you'll be able to chat with them through Flipstop Chat. You'll also be able to quickly and easily share tiles with them. Perfect for forwarding a recommendation for a dentist or a new restaurant where you and your barkada can meet this weekend for brunch 🥘😋

Here's how to add Friends

  • Tap the My Stuff folder on the bottom dock

  • Tap the Friends bar

  • Tap the "+" icon

  • Tap Enter Email Address or select a friend from your phone's contact list (they must have an email address)

  • Enter their email address and tap Save

Your Friend request will be sent to them. Once they approve from their end, their Profile Photo will magically appear in your Friends List.

>> Note: if you and your friend both send each other Friend requests by email, only one of you needs to accept the invite to become friends on Flipstop. You must invite a friend using the email address they're currently using on their Flipstop account.

If you've sent a request to a friend who has not yet installed Flipstop on their device, they'll be alerted to your invitation and sent a link to install Flipstop.