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So You've Created a Free Business Account, What Next?

Now that you've easily setup your free Flipstop business account, your next step is to upload your business information into your new Flipstop business dashboard. Here's how:

>> If you haven't yet created a free business account, click HERE.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Log In to your business dashboard.

  • Click "Create your first business tile"

  • Enter your business name and other details including business hours as you would like this information to appear on the Flipstop mobile app

  • Enter your business description

  • Enter your specialties (your business will appear in search results when app users type in your specialties)

  • Select the type of Business Tile you want (if you're not yet sure about paid tiles, choose the Basic Single Tile -- it's FREE and you can always upgrade to a paid tile later)

  • Enter your credit card info to validate your identity (this is a measure to prevent malefactors from fraudulently or maliciously creating an account on behalf of your business; no amount is charged to your card unless you've selected a paid tile -- click HERE for more details)

  • Click "Save business tile"

Your business tile is now created and will appear on the Flipstop mobile app for a world of proud Filipinos to see 📲

Once your tile is created, you'll be able to upload your own business images to display in your tile. Click HERE to see how.