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At Flipstop, we're all about helping get the word out about your professional Filipino association, your mission, your accomplishments and your community outreach initiatives.  For your organization to appear on the Flipstop app, simply upload your information by following the simple steps below.  Remember, professional Filipino associations can create and publish their presence on the app 100% free as an additional channel on which to promote your organization's work, much in the same was your organization uses Instagram or Twitter with the exception that Flipstop is a platform specifically for a Filipino audience.

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In Kinship -- the Flipstop Team

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  1. Go to

  2. Create your free account (if you are the admin for your association)

  3. Once you're in the dashboard, click +Create a business tile (disregard that you're not a business)

  4. Select 'Services' in the dropdown options as your category

  5. Select 'Community Service / Non-profit' from the next dropdown options as your sub-category

  6. Enter the rest of the details of your organization as you'd like them to appear on the app

  7. Select BASIC SINGLE TILE when choosing a type of tile (it is very important you initially select BASIC SINGLE TILE -- we will upgrade you manually on our end to a free Smart Single Tile after you've successfully created your Basic Single Tile)

  8. >> Don't be intimidated by the credit card requirement to complete the process.  This is simply a security measure to prevent unauthorized or malicious persons from creating a fake account on behalf of your association. Your credit card WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY AMOUNT whatsoever.

  9. Once you've clicked on 'Save business tile', you'll be ale to upload images representative of your association and your association's Tile will appear on the Flipstop app immediately for a world of Filipinos to see!

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Your Association Tile Will Appear on Flipstop for a World of Filipinos to See