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Flipstop is a visual mobile application that helps Filipinos easily discover Filipino businesses nearby wherever they may be.  It offers both free and super affordable ways for more businesses to reach more Filipino customers through a modern, user-friendly and beautiful mobile application made just for Filipinos.


Bringing Filipino Marketing Into the Modern Age

We sought to modernize the way Filipino businesses are discovered by and connect with Filipino consumers by creating a simple marketing tool that works on a smart phone -- something that all Filipinos carry with them at all times.  And we sought to democratize the ability of businesses of all types and sizes to be found by new customers on the app by offering either free or super affordable levels of exposure.


How Flipstop Came To Be

Flipstop was founded by Michael Riego, a Filipino-American who grew up in the Midwestern United States longing to connect more with his Filipino culture.  After moving to Los Angeles in 2012, he became eager to discover as many local Filipino businesses as he could and came up with the idea to create a mobile app that would make the endeavor simpler, easier and more fun.