The grid is how we refer to the primary screen of Flipstop, which displays all the various scrolling tiles searchable on the app.

Tile Views

Tile Views, otherwise referred to as 'impressions' in conventional advertising parlance, is the number of times your primary tile on the grid is displayed on the screen and seen by app users. Brand awareness is generated and reinforced each time your tile is seen on the grid, similar to how advertising billboards generate brand awareness to consumers who see them.  Unlike billboards, Flipstop counts and shows you how many people see your primary tile (your mini billboard), so you'll always know how many people are exposed to your business on a daily basis.

Expanded View

When a Smart Tile on the Flipstop grid is tapped, it opens up to its Expanded View, which contains all the pertinent information a customer would need on a business:  Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, Hours, current distance from the user, Description and Specialties, plus the ability to choose what map app to use for directions

When a user taps on a tile, it indicates their desire to learn more about a business.  Expanded Views are counted separately from Tile Views (impressions) since they serve as a metric measuring a user's level of interest in learning more about a particular business.

Viewed Address

When a visitor taps on 'Show address' in your Expanded View, it is used as a simple way to distinguish passive or recreational browsers from visitors who may be truly interested in checking out your location soon.


In the map section located in your dashboard, there is a red indicator 'pin' that designates your exact location on the map.  You may adjust where this pin lands on the map to pinpoint your location more precisely.  This is especially helpful if your business is located in a mall or complex of stores or offices. App users must be within approximately 300 feet of this pin to be able to successfully check in to your business on the app.


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