We're always working on ways to improve the app and make your experience as easy and intuitive as possible.  Read about all the exciting new things you'll be able to do with Flipstop in the months to come.

Want to suggest a feature you'd like to see in a future release?  Send us a note here.

Tile Image Carousel

With this release, you'll be able to upload up to 3 rotating tile images showcasing your products or services.  When a Flipstop user pauses their scroll of the grid, the individual tiles on the mobile screen will begin to rotate the images you've uploaded with a subtle and elegant transition effect, creating a sense of 'living tiles.' This further beautifies the user's experience on the app while allowing you to display more of your gorgeous images.  Try it on the app soon!

Follower Promos

With this update, you will now be able to send promotional messages once every 30 days to Flipstop users who Follow your business.  Why only every 30 days?  This is to ensure that users are not barraged with too many messages from businesses they Follow, and at the same time, to encourage you to come up with the most compelling promotion each month.

Bucket Lists In Common

When a Flipstop user Bucket Lists your business, it indicates her intent to visit your business someday.  Users already get alerted when they are within a mile of your location to nudge them to check you out since they're already nearby.  Starting today, users who Bucket List your business will also be alerted when THEIR friends Bucket List your business, too!  This will encourage them to make a plan to visit your establishment together or as a group.  The more, the merrier, the more business for you! :)

Search by 'Most Popular'

With this new filter, you'll be able to search and discover what's Most Popular in the Eat/Drink, Shop, Service, Fun, Online and Events categories by distance from your current location.  'Most Popular' search results are based on the Filipino businesses that have received the most 'Check-Ins' from Flipstop users. The most popular results are dynamic and are constantly being updated in real-time, so you'll always know which businesses are trending.  We provide stickers you can display at your establishment that encourage Flipstop users to check-in while at your place of business.  SEND US A NOTE and we'll mail one to you absolutely free!

Video Tiles

We all live in a video world, and marketing studies report that videos are the most engaging media format for consumers.  We're excited to announce that you'll soon be able to post a brand or company video as your primary Tile on the Flipstop grid (insert loud applause here!).  This means you'll have up to 30 seconds (the standard length of a commercial) to wow potential customers with your product, service or place of business.  Users will be much more apt to tap on your Tile when they see the 'Play Video' icon on your Tile.  We're excited to see your creative videos soon!  Read our blog post on Video Tiles here.