Flipstop Basic is great and free to use forever, but it's easy and super affordable to get advanced business features with a Flipstop Elite account.

Flipstop Basic

FLIPSTOP BASIC gives your business a Single-sized tile on Flipstop for free forever. Your Basic Tile will display your business name, your business sub-category and your current distance from the Flipstop user. A Basic Tile on Flipstop is a great way for your business to be discovered by Filipinos everywhere, and it's always free.  Who doesn't like free stuff, right?  😃

Flipstop Elite

FLIPSTOP ELITE is for Filipino businesses who want extra performance features. 💪🏼  These advanced features include:

  • a tile displaying your business name, sub-category and current distance from the Flipstop user

  • a tile that opens to its Expanded View when tapped to reveal interactive details about your business

  • a business dashboard that beautifully displays an EXACT COUNT of people who see your tile, open your tile and interact with your business details in what ways

With a Flipstop Elite account, there are three size options: Single Tile, Double Tile and Quad Tile.  To see a complete list of Flipstop Elite features, click below.