Is a Basic Single Tile just a free trial?

No.  A free Basic Single Tile on Flipstop is always free.  As in, forever.  It's perfect for Filipino businesses who want to join our amazing Flipstop community, but who may not need all the bells and whistles that come with a premium Smart tile.  If that sounds like you, you need never pay a dime to have your business be discovered by more Filipinos on Flipstop.  Filipino businesses often upgrade to an Smart Tile because they find they want more advanced marketing and measurement tools and more.

How do I get a bigger tile?

There are 3 tile sizes available from smallest to largest:  a Single Tile, a Double Tile and a Quad Tile.  To change your tile size any time, simply log in to your Flipstop business dashboard, click on Change Tile Size and choose your preferred tile size.  You can upgrade or downgrade tile size any time.

Of course, having a gorgeous tile image combined with a larger size tile gets more attention from Flipstop users and will increase the chance they'll open your tile into its Expanded View to learn more about you.

Can I downgrade a Smart Tile any time?

If you no longer need the added features of a Smart tile, you can downgrade to a free Basic Single Tile any time. Downgrade will take effect at the end of your existing pre-paid Smart plan. If you have a larger Smart Tile that you'd like to downgrade to a smaller Smart Tile, you can downgrade any time, too. Downgrade will take effect at the end of your existing pre-paid Smart plan.

Why are there no business reviews on Flipstop?

Above all else, Flipstop is a discovery app meant to help new customers find your business, be intrigued enough by your images and description to try you out, and be happy enough with your product or service to become a returning customer and recommend you to their friends.  Instead of reviews from the general public, Flipstop displays how many 'likes' a business has received.  In the near future, if you tap on the 'likes' counter, Flipstop will show you which of your friends, if any, have liked a business.  After all, nothing beats the endorsement of your own friends.

How can I share a business with my friends?

Flipstop has its very own chat feature, which is designed to be the fastest and funnest way to share a business tile with your friends on Flipstop.  From your chat thread, your friends simply tap on the tile you've shared and they're brought directly to the Expanded View of that business, including one-tap access to maps and directions.  You can even share a tile to a group of friends simultaneously -- perfect for sending out a meet-up spot for dinner or drinks all in one shot.  You can also share a business through other messaging apps.  Flipstop detects what other chat apps are installed on your phone and gives you a choice of how to share the info.  Sharing a tile is a feature available on Smart tiles.

I don't have a specifically 'Filipino' business.  Why should I be found on Flipstop?

As long as you are seeking the patronage and support of Filipino customers, it's worthwhile to be found on Flipstop.  Here are a few examples:

• . If you are a car dealership marketing brands that are popular with Filipinos (and especially if you have a dedicated Filipino sales team), it pays to be found on the app.  It indicates your openness and focus on the Filipino community at large.

• . If you are a non-Filipino-owned supermarket or grocery store selling goods that Filipinos have an affinity for, Flipstop is a sensible and ultra-affordable marketing tool for you to reach a Filipino audience.

• . If you are a franchise owner of a 'non-Filipino' businesses like Subway, McDonald's or Red Mango and the Filipino community around you knows your location is Filipino-owned, they will very likely visit and support YOUR location over others.

•  If you are a provider of auto, home, health or life insurance and want to reach a Filipino customer base.

• . If you are an entertainment venue popular with Filipinos, including karaoke bars or casinos.

Generally, if Filipinos have an affinity for your business regardless of your category, industry, size or geography, being on Flipstop shows a measure of appreciation and goodwill to the Filipino community around you.

How much does it cost for me to put my business on Flipstop?

You can upload to publish your basic business information and a business image on Flipstop any time for free.  To display your business image and information, you simply select the type of tile you'd like to use.  You can choose from FOUR tile options:

1)  a Basic Single Tile is always FREE and will display your image, business name and business type (this type of tile does not open into an Expanded View when tapped).

2)  a Smart Single Tile is the smallest of three premium Smart tile sizes and opens to an Expanded View when tapped by a Flipstop user, displaying all the pertinent information on your business, as well as provides access to archived visitor interactions and other actionable metrics. This tile costs only $48 every 30 days -- a small fraction of what traditional Filipino media costs.  You can think of these tile sizes in the same way as various display ad sizes in traditional Filipino print media.

3)  a Smart Double Tile is twice the size of an Smart Single Tile and opens to an Expanded View when tapped by a Flipstop user, displaying all the pertinent information on your business and provides access to archived visitor interactions and other actionable metrics. This tile costs only $96 every 30 days -- a small fraction of what traditional Filipino media costs.

4)  a Smart Quad Tile is quadruple the size of an Smart Single Tile and takes up most of the screen of a typical smart phone.   It opens to an Expanded View when tapped by a Flipstop user, displaying all the pertinent information on your business and provides access to archived visitor interactions and other actionable metrics.  This premium tile costs only $192 every 30 days -- significantly less than what a full-page ad costs in traditional Filipino media, which last only a week, at most.

Why is Flipstop priced this way?

Although it seems simple to use, the Flipstop app actually has a lot of technology and processes running behind the scenes to make it function seamlessly: server/API calls, integrations, tile view and interactions caching, routing rules, data analysis, image files hosting and premium global servers. Our infrastructure was designed from the ground-up for scale, speed, and reliability. Our platform takes care of everything for you and our prices are always less expensive than any other comparable conventional marketing platforms with a dedicated Filipino audience. For about half the cost of a typical personal cell phone bill, a Filipino business can use Smart Tiles on Flipstop to connect with and maintain relationships with new and existing customers in a more meaningful and measurable way.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All payments are transacted online and we accept Visa, MasterCard and American express credit cards.  At this time, we do not accept debit cards, PayPal, checks or cryptocurrencies.

Are credit card payments on Flipstop safe and secure?

Very much so. Credit card transactions on Flipstop are processed by Stripe, a globally renowned and trusted payment processor. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Stripe processes payments for other companies including Target, SalesForce, Unicef, Habitat for Humanity, the USO, Warby Parker and Shopify.  For your added security, Flipstop does not store your credit card information.

Are tile views and interactions with my Tile counted?

From the moment Flipstop became available to download on the App Store and as soon as users started using the app, tile views, tile opens and all interactions with a tile's Expanded View are counted.  This means that if your business has a free or paid tile on Flipstop, all of your tile's views and activities are counted and remembered by Flipstop and shown to you through your business dashboard.  The information you see is based on the type of tile you use:  a free Basic Tile or Smart Tiles.

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