Coupon codes (at other times referred to as “promo codes”) offer special limited-time discounts on certain types of business tiles on Flipstop.  Coupon codes are currently not applicable to Quad Tiles.  Below are the answers to some common questions about coupon codes.

Where do I find coupon codes?
Flipstop may offer coupon codes or promotional discounts through our blogs, emails, social media and other channels. To receive this information, please be sure to follow our blog posts, social media posts and that we have your current email address on file.

When do I apply my coupon code?
You can enter your coupon code AFTER you've selected the tile corresponding to the coupon code and BEFORE clicking on the 'Save business tile' button, which places your tile order.

How do I apply my coupon code?
To apply your coupon code:

  1. Towards the bottom of the 'Create business tile' page, enter your coupon code in the 'Discount' section.

  2. Once you've entered your coupon code, selected your tile and filled in all the required fields on the page, click on the 'Save business tile' button. The system will verify the coupon code entered and will result in a successful transaction if it is current and valid.  If the coupon code entered is invalid or expired, the system will not allow you to proceed with the transaction.  Simply delete the coupon code from the Discount field and proceed with the transaction without entering a coupon code.

  3. Once you have reviewed your business details and ready to proceed with your tile selection, click 'Save business tile.'

What do I do if my promo code is not working?
Confirm that the correct coupon code is being used. Keep in mind coupon codes expire and may no longer be valid. For additional assistance, please CONTACT US.

Can I use a coupon code more than once?
A maximum of one coupon code of any type can be applied to a business tile within a 12 month period.