The People Who Power the Platform

Mick Riego

Founder + CEO

Zennon Gosalvez

Chief Technology Officer

Debbie Yen

General Counsel

Andrie Lim

Country Manager - Philippines


"Flipstop isn't cool because WE say it is.  It's cool when our users tell each other it is."



Internal guidelines we use to continue to improve and innovate Flipstop.

How do we make Flipstop a daily habit for users?

There's no way we can communicate all of the subtleties, nuances and functions of Flipstop in one shot. How do we make sure businesses and users get intrigued enough that they want to learn more?

A relationship with our users is built over time and many interactions. There's no shortcut for this. We are judged by our actions, not our promises.

The Flipstop brand is not what we say it is. It's what our users tell each other it is.

Flipstop is built by what we do and how well we do it.

Everything boils down to what kind of experiences we deliver.

Let's never betray anyone's trust.

How do we continually delight businesses and users through new features and experiences?