To our fellow Filipino-Americans who were avid users of the Flipstop app, we

thank you

for your support over the last few years.  We created Flipstop to make it easier for Filipinos living in the United States to find, discover and support Filipino-owned businesses nearest you.  Our efforts were in service of a two-fold goal:  to boost the visibility of Filipino-owned businesses AND to make it easier for you, the Filipino consumer, to find these businesses.

Over the years, as Filipino-owned establishments (particularly Filipino restaurants) in the United States have gained mainstream recognition and adoption, it has become less and less necessary to have the tool we created.  Therefore, it is with a combination of happiness for Filipino entrepreneurs across the country and sadness that we are discontinuing Flipstop.

As you have supported us with Flipstop, we hope you'll also support our other app-based platform.  It's called Nirmy, and it is a business search and discovery app for the general retail market across the globe.  If you're a marketer or business owner who would like your business to be discovered by a variety of customers on Nirmy, be sure to visit to learn more.

Again, we thank you for supporting Flipstop, our Filipino community at large, and us -- your fellow Filipinos who endeavored to highlight the talents and entrepreneurial spirit of our people.